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Passionate about intercultural communication, and connecting with individuals and diverse communities, Emma feels empowered by GWC’s mission and efforts toward supporting and encouraging women to harness their great potential and spread inspiration. In 2019, during Emma’s first year in Shanghai, she attended GWC’s Female Leadership Forum. It was at this forum that Emma saw just a glimpse of GWC’s powerful network of strong female leaders and aspiring change-makers. Four years later, Emma continues to be inspired by GWC’s work and is grateful to work as a marketing assistant, designing posters, writing newsletters, and connecting with like-minded individuals at GWC’s events.

Besides working on GWC’s marketing team, Emma has also spent the last four years working as an Early Childhood Educator and studying Mandarin. Having recently returned to the United States, Emma aims to expand GWC’s work and mission to reach and connect with organizations in the New York Metropolitan area.

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