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Evelyn Li is passionate about putting creative business ideas into practice. After obtaining a bachelor and master degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, she co-founded Qingflow with her schoolmates and is also the CTO of Qingflow now. Qingflow is a Non-Coding BPM development platform on which non-technical users can build their own systems through quick learnings. With this platform, Evelyn and her colleagues have helped many companies in China to build up their information systems in the past 5 years. She enjoys the busy but meaningful entrepreneurial life, and also makes time for reading and workouts.

Evelyn has encountered many difficulties and had a lot of pressure in the process of starting a business - “Not everyone has the opportunity to realize their career goals, especially for women in China”, she thinks. She believes that what GWC is doing is very meaningful, so she is delighted to be part of this global driving force to promote diversity, and encourage more women to fight for their career dreams against social challenges.

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