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Julia is a result-oriented professional with over 6 years’ experience in global business development, innovation, technology, and trade operations in Ireland, Russia and China. Her Bachelor's is in linguistics and translation, her Master's and Ph.D. is in Economics and Business from Harbin Institute of Technology (top-9 university in China, top-200 in the world). She has lived in China for 9 years, and is fully proficient in Russian (native), Chinese (major, HSK-6) and English (major) and have a profound understanding of Western and Eastern cultures.

Since the early childhood, Julia has a curiosity and deep passion about constant learning the new things. She welcomes any opportunity to support the personal rapid growth and stay keen about new technology and digital advancements, innovation trends and products to progress in embracing the chance to build bridges between people of different cultures.

Apart from this, she is a very artistic and innovative person, her friends would say that Julia is the one who energizes others for action. Her boss and colleagues would say that she is a self-disciplined, outgoing person and a natural problem solver.

Julia can see that many young women are lack of proper support and guidance while building their careers. She believes that by joining such strong community of inspiring and talented people like GWC, she can bring essential contribution to uplift these women to help them fulfill their full potential.

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