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Martin is a passionate leader and pioneer with 20+ years of experience in leading companies and organizations around the world under dynamic contexts of cultures, organization levels, and genders. He has a great enthusiasm for inspiring people develop their missions and leadership potential. Born in The Netherlands and lives in Dubai, UAE, Martin values his family and the people around him. He connects the world around him based on respect, trust, and appreciation.

Being a global mentor since the inception of GWC, Martin believes "seeing, listening, sharing and connecting the dots" are the key fundaments that support the development of GWC as a global platform for all female leaders to advance. He takes a co-founding lead in the regional chapter of GWC along with other co-founders to strengthen local positioning and visibility while connecting the dots with the GWC global platform. Martin endeavors a "GLOCAL" approach to enable the full potential of (female) leaders and an inclusive world. In his opinion, "GWC is a great initiative, organization, people and inspiring platform that offers new insights and continuous learning opportunities for female leaders to overcome challenges, pursue their dreams and get hold of their lives."

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