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Based in Belgium, Sabrina is a Teaching and Research Assistant in CSR and Sustainable Development in Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. She holds a Master degree in Business Engineering with Magna Cum Laude from Louvain School of Management and is currently pursuing a PhD in Management Sciences.

Sabrina has a keen interest in education, sustainable development and women empowerment, developed through her multiple volunteering experiences and collaborations with NGOs, as well as in her current research. Sabrina also took part in numerous summer schools in prestigious European universities where she became experienced in working with people with diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences. In her last year of Masters, she spent one year abroad in The Netherlands, studying consulting, sustainability and IT management and working as an intern at ANN EVA, where she learned about Global Women Connect while she was working with Laurence Anjoras, Secretary General.

Following her support of GWC as a Secretary General Officer, Sabrina became Continuous Learning Officer, willing to further advance one of the most important values of GWC. Through her participation in GWC, Sabrina further pursues her vision, willing to provide all actors with lifelong learning opportunities to be fully prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges and ensure a safe, inclusive and peaceful future.

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