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Vivian is the first female general manager and global VP of eBay China Center of Excellence (CCOE). She joined eBay in June 2012, as General Manager of CCOE and is responsible for leading a technology team of over 800 people in Shanghai. eBay CCOE is a technology powerhouse and global application development platform for eBay’s global customers and also to the open source community. Under her leadership, her teams have expanded the technological development of eBay globally and also accomplished numerous remarkable achievements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

In addition, Vivian advocates and promotes women's self-awareness and gender equality recognition in the industry. She is very passionate about giving back to the society and often shares her perspectives on women potential, technology development and future of e-commerce at internal and external forums.

Prior to joining eBay, Vivian had more than 23 years’ experience in R&D as senior management and domain expert.

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