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Global Mentoring Program


Our Mentee Want To Say:

Testimonials From Our Mentees


What do we look for in a mentee?

  • Individuals who want to accomplish more in life

  • Who have the passion to improve and advance their personal and professional lives

  • Are open to constructive feedback and even criticism

  • Want to proactively look at their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement

  • Are willing to share their mistakes and failures in order to learn from them

  • Are willing to listen to the advice of others and make actionable changes

  • Can be honest about themselves and introspective

  • Have the ability to hold themselves accountable and be self-disciplined

  • Are open to new ideas and opinions

  • Are passionate to contribute and help others as well

Motivation for Mentees

  • Acquiring advice and emotional support for problem solving, personal planning and development (e.g. education, career etc.)

  • Constructing useful networks for future development

  • Widening their horizon in both social and personal perspectives

  • Have a good listener to discuss & support on sensitive / difficult issues

  • Exposes to new experiences and people from diverse cultural, socio-economic and profession backgrounds

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

Every little move counts towards your goal.

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