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Vision & Mission

About Us

We are a group of visionary people from different regions across the globe. We have come together thanks to globalization and we will stay together because of our belief that women have lots of potential that can contribute to the economy and society to create a better world. 

However, we realized that women in different parts of the world are actually facing different challenges and opportunities at different stages of life or career.


Therefore, our goal is to pull the global resources together to support women moving to the next level in life and leadership, while at the same time enabling our contribution to other girls and women in need in emerging and developing countries.

Our Vision

Enable every woman to contribute to create a better world.


Our Mission

Connect women globally and unleash their potential at different stages of life.


We believe in life to affect life. 

We lead with a "PRACTICL" set of core values:






                              Continuous Learning 

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