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Global Mentoring Program

Introduction to Gemstone W Circle

Gemstone W Circle

Gemstone W Circle is Global Women Connect’s own Circle of Excellence signature program to enhance and enrich different life stages of our women members, by opening doors for mentoring and networking across the world.

| Why Gemstone?

Gemstones start life as a very normal rock, but when discovered, polished and shined, this rock becomes not only strikingly beautiful inside and out, but also valuable, precious and in high demand.

| Why W? What does it stand for?

"W" stands for anything you want it to stand for, it can be Woman, Wonderful, Who I can be or want to be, What I need to do, Where I am and where I want to achieve, etc.

You decide what special meaning W holds for you. Be part of this Circle. Be Excellent.

Program Video (Watch on Youku)

Program Requirements and Details


Interviews required for Mentor and Mentee


Semi-annual and annual evaluation required for Mentor and Mentee to complete


Mentor and Mentee are from different countries.


12 consecutive months
Minimum 1-hour call per month


Mentorship Training materials and tools available for Mentee & Mentor


Social media platform available to exchange learnings and insights 




To nurture and unleash women’s talent and leadership through cross cultural mentorship


To equip and inspire women by connecting them to experienced people from around the world






To enhance the confidence and leadership of women in preparing or during their career lives through experience sharing and interaction with experienced professionals and senior executives


To inspire new mindset / attitudes towards life for daily problem solving and creating opportunities in actions


To inspire create opportunities for cultural learning      


Nurture and Trust: achieve potential and lifetime authentic friendship

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