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Dr. Yang Wei

Associate Professor of Management, CEIBS

Dr. Yang’s research focuses on corporate strategies and entrepreneurship in high technology settings. She is particularly interested in how firms’ strategies of innovation and knowledge creation are shaped by their surrounding industrial and social contexts, especially by their interactions with rivals, external collaborators, users, investors and the media. In her dissertation, Dr. Yang studied how firms innovate and compete on multi-sided digital platforms, where she leveraged massive data on software development technologies and advanced empirical techniques including cloud computing and machine learning to derive causal inferences.  Dr. Yang has four papers which have been published or are waiting to be published in FT Top 50 Journals, including the Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, and the Journal of Business Ethics.

Dr. Yang is passionate about teaching and has gain teaching experience at George Mason University and The University of Texas at Austin. She currently serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for Management Science, Organization Science, the Journal of Management Studies and Journal of Business Research. She has been a finalist for the Sucheta Nadkarni Award for Outstanding Publication on Women Executive Leadership, as one of two finalists out of eight nominees proposed by the Strategic Management Society.

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