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Global Mentoring Program


Frequently Asked Questions 

| What supporting materials are needed?

  • A photo;

  • A biography (maximum 250 words) about your work experience and passion to join GWC global mentoring program; Please refer to yourself in the third person (e.g. he/she/they)

  • CV (English version);

  • A recommendation letter from your referrer/sponsor.

Your photo and biography will be shared to your potential mentor. All materials MUST be submitted within 7 days after submission of online application. Any missing material(s) may lead to an unsuccessful application. 

| Can you introduce more about the interview?

We conduct interviews with every shortlisted applicant to understand their objectives for joining the program, their dreams, current challenges, and to align their values with GWC. This process supports our efforts in finding the best match between potential mentors and mentee applicants.
Each interview typically involves 2-3 interviewers and lasts around 45 minutes via virtual video conferencing. The online interview will be recorded for the selection process and internal analytic purposes only, and will be strictly kept confidential.

| What is the contribution fee?

The contribution fee is for MENTEE ONLY. For Ruby mentee, it is USD120, and USD200 for Sapphire mentee. The mentorship program and time of our mentors are invaluable, but the contribution fee is basically to support GWC’s infrastructure cost (e.g., workflow system, email server, conferencing tool, as well as other IT and marketing communication tools etc.). We believe your contribution to sustain GWC is an important way to support other women in need. We believe the power of life affects life. 

| Can I select my mentor? 

Before connecting you with a potential mentor, we'll share her/his information and give you 3 days to confirm. If we don't hear from you within that time frame, we'll assume you're happy to have her/him as your mentor.

All matches have been carefully selected based on your information and current needs. Generally, we do not support changing your mentor; however, if you have any very specific questions or concerns, please let us know. We'll handle each case individually to ensure your satisfaction with the mentorship arrangement.

| Are the mentors in GWC predominantly female? Do I have the option to choose a female mentor?

In GWC, we believe in the complementary nature of all genders and their ability to support each other. Therefore, we provide mentors from diverse gender backgrounds.

If you’re selected as a Sapphire mentee (with more than 10 years of work and leadership experience), you’ll be matched with mentors representing various genders to further advance your personal and professional leadership based on your need at the stage. For Ruby mentees (with less than 10 years of work and leadership experience), you will be paired with a female mentor because we believe she can share both professionally and personally experience and guidance, aligned with your age and experience level, drawing from her own experiences as a female.

| Can I ask a refund if I withdraw the program?

If you decide to withdraw your application before the program starts, your contribution fee is refundable. However, once the program has started, it is not refundable.

|What are the mentee’s commitments to the Gemstone W Circle Mentorship Program?

  • Passionate, proactive, open, engaging, trust and highly committed to make a meaningful mentorship journey and a desire to have a life-long friendship with a mentor - what you put defines what you get;

  • At least in average 1-hour virtual face-face talking every month (in addition to email and message exchange);

  • Write a time-capsule letter to yourself at the beginning of the program, and which will be kept strictly confidential and sent back to you once you complete the 12 months program;

  • Attend at least 2 GWC workshops during the mentorship program, which are FREE for all mentees;

  • Complete 2 feedback (half-year and annual feedback);

  • Create a written or video testimonial for program promotion, pending confirmation from you before any material is used.

| Can I ask a refund if I withdraw the program?

Yes, you may but it depends on the situation. After the 12-month mentorship program, if you wish to apply for another year’s program and are accepted again, we are highly encouraged to match you with a different mentor so that you can learn and get inspired by different people and open to various perspectives.

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