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Junita Fernandez

Experienced Finance& HR Director

Junita is an experienced Finance Director and transformation-driven leader with board-level expertise across Finance, HR, and Compliance. With a successful track record in Automotive and Financial Services spanning over 20 years, she has held senior roles in Volkswagen Group UK, Suzuki UK, and currently serves at SAIC-Volkswagen in Shanghai.

Passionate about cultivating high-performing teams, Junita's leadership style is characterized by integrity, resilience, collaboration, and energy. She finds great fulfillment in witnessing her team members grow in confidence, tackle new challenges, and explore diverse career opportunities.

Originally from India, Junita relocated to the UK in 1990, where she initially faced challenges in securing suitable senior finance roles. Despite setbacks, with the support of mentors and strong leaders, she progressed to senior positions while balancing the demands of raising her three children. Now, she volunteers as a mentor for organizations like GWC, empowering women to develop professionally and fulfill their aspirations.

Junita holds qualifications as a Chartered Accountant and has completed Executive Leadership courses with London Business School and Cranfield University in the UK. Currently, she is pursuing certification as an Executive Coach with the Institute of Leadership Management.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Junita loves exploring different cultures, cuisines, and wines through travel. She also enjoys reading books, trekking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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