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Yu Zhang

Zhang Yu (Yuyan)

​VP Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Alibaba

Yu Zhang joined Alibaba Group in March 2004. Over an 18-year tenure at Alibaba, she became a core member of the founding team of Taobao and played a crucial role in developing various business units from scratch, including Taobao and its related ventures.

She has managed numerous frontline businesses such as Taobao, Taobao Mall(Tmall), and Juhuasuan, amassing extensive practical experience. Her roles have included Director of Marketing and Operations at Taobao, General Manager of Taobao Consumer Business Unit, General Manager of Tmall, General Manager of, President of Juhuasuan Business Group, President of Taobao, and Secretary General of Taobao Entertainment along with CEO of Xiami Music & Damai.

Beyond frontline operations, Yuyan has also made significant contributions to Alibaba Group's Strategy Department and Corporate Development Department. Her responsibilities have encompassed strategy, post-investment management, mergers and acquisitions integration, and international entrepreneur training. She has been a member of the Alibaba Group's Academic Committee on Economics and currently serves as an entrepreneur coach at the Hupan Entrepreneurial Research and Study Center.

Prior to joining Alibaba Group, she had a wealth of experience in the management consulting industry, particularly excelling in market promotion, brand management, and corporate management.

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