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Continuous Learning

Mindset & Skill Set Workshop

Resilience Series

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2023 GWC Resilience Roundtable 

When we face challenges, resilience can offer the ability to help us overcome them, find joy in life and better handle stress. Resilience is a key skill in learning to focus not just on the end results but also on the journey. 

2021 resilience.jpg

2022 GWC Resilience Workshop

 Through this most trying period of time, we wish to encourage everyone to take a moment for themselves to focus in on their resilience and examine what measures they took to practice resilience.

Reflection_Resilience Workshop Flyer_20210410.png

2021 GWC Resilience Workshop

 Let's use this time to reflect on the resilience we've found within ourselves from this year, and work towards gaining more awareness on ways we can remain strong and demonstrate resilience in our everyday life. 

Resilient Leadership in Times of Crisis.png

Resilient Leadership in Times of Crisis

 We are very excited to launch this global live webinar so that existing and future leaders around the world can learn from each other and share their stories. 

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