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Grace Kerrison

Head of LinkedIn Sales Solutions, APAC

Grace Kerrison leads LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions business in APAC and has an extensive background of over 25 years across sales and marketing leadership roles. Grace’s career journey spans across Canada, Oceania and Asia-Pacific. Renowned for nurturing high-performing teams and accelerating organizations to success, Grace combines strategic foresight with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her career is marked by achievements in spearheading transformations that reshape both organizations and teams, pioneering innovative market strategies and scaling start-ups to new heights. 

Having worked for leading global tech companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, and currently LinkedIn, Grace holds a front-row seat to the revolutionary impact of technology on society. She values technology's potential as a force for good, driving solutions to pressing global challenges and creating equitable economic opportunities.


In addition to her professional achievements, Grace has been profoundly influenced by mentors and sponsors from different backgrounds throughout her career. Grace’s belief in the power of diversity as the foundation of innovation and success fuels her commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). With a keen eye on evolving workforce dynamics, she is eager to contribute to GWC and its initiatives, aiming to leave a lasting impact by strengthening the pipeline for future women leaders.

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