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Global Mentoring Program



Check out our last mentor gathering in Shanghai!

What do we look for in a mentor?

  • Individuals who are passionate about empowering and supporting women globally

  • Are also passionate sharing their experience in order to help others

  • Are comfortable providing honest and constructive feedback or criticism

  • Have achieved a respectful position in their own field

  • Have the necessary experience to approach a wide range of topics and situations

  • Have good listening skills

  • Make time to help others advance in life personally and professionally

  • Have the ability to show the way by asking the right kind of questions

  • Have a positive and caring attitude

  • Have the ability to motivate a mentee

  • Are open to learn from a mentee

Motivation for Mentors

  • Building a role model for younger generation and female talents

  • Carrying personal social responsibility by contributing to the world

  • Educating future leaders for the society or supporting women in need

  • Gaining recognition and respect from others

  • Personal and professional satisfaction

  • Amplifying interpersonal skills and mentorship outside of her / his own network

  • Staying young at heart and mind

  • Learning from mentoring and also mentees

Meet Our Emerald Mentors 

View Diamond Mentors | View Sapphire Mentors


Cathleen Ye

Senior Program Manager
MIT University HK Innovation Node

Vicky Kang

Global MKT DCX Data Lead,
Schneider Electric

Hulan Bayarsaihan 

Business Development Manager,
NES Fircroft

Every little move counts towards your goal.

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